I love Science! Language and the scientific methodology are maybe the most impressive creations of our species and are part of humankind’s specificity. We have an innate need to understand the world in which we are born and the scientific way is particularly powerful  since it incites us to build an image, a model of the world we live in. And science invites us to continuously verify  the relevance of our world’s image by looking for evidence, usually through analysis, experiments and observations.

To be amazed; to ask oneself questions; to imagine answers and to put them to test… To build one’s own rational conviction, the feeling to understand something fundamental about our world. This procedure seems to us so natural today that we tend to forget that Science is young; a little less than four centuries only!

Science was created by philosophers who were looking for objective and verifiable knowledge. But unfortunately sometime the open-mindedness of its creators is lost; conservative and critical mind takes its place and Science can become as dogmatic as a Religion! Yet God knows that she doesn’t deserve such a fate!

I followed a scientific path, guided by an interest about the nature of the world and life. I studied Biology then graduated in Molecular Biology and finished a phD in Molecular Genetics. I tried to follow the discoveries in Cosmology and Quantum Physics and to appreciate Life through space and time; that is to say Life’s history: evolution; and its fabulous entanglement in an impressive Biosphere: ecology.

My path led me to discover the psychic world’s strangeness: intuitions, premonitions, transpersonal communication… that aren’t a priori understandable through the common image of the world: the common paradigm which is Physicalism. This paradigm states that only matter is real and builds the world.

This paradigm arose mainly in the 19th century. But it still lags today even if modern Physics has shown since the beginning of the 20th century, that what we call real, hasn’t the properties we currently attribute to reality! The new paradigm we have to build nowadays could very well unveil a reality closer to what we think belongs to a spiritual realm than to a material one only!

I tried to follow the scientific methodology to build a rational conviction. And today I’m convinced that consciousness can evolve outside the space and time restrictions that are the ones in which our body lives. Physicalism just can’t explain what consciousness is able to do!

We’re on the cusp of a new Renaissance that should enlarge our perspectives and bridge Science and Spirituality. Descartes’ paradigm was dualistic and separated matter from the soul. Science’s evolution led her to a materialistic monism: the soul was lost. But modern science points to a new dualism, very different from the original, but which suggests that we live in a virtual universe. Simulism is a new paradigm that helps to understand why modern physics describes a world that seems absurd from our current understanding. Simulism gives us a new world’s image, best adapted to modern science’s and psychophysics’ discoveries.

Alain Rifat